Russell Shoemaker is an artist and educator who received his BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute. Before completing his MFA at the University of Connecticut, Shoemaker began his MFA at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. Inbetween he spent a year at the Charlotte Street Foundation's Urban Culture Project residency. Shoemaker has exhibited internationally in both solo and group shows. 

Student work here.

About recent solo exhibition Skipt Antenna

“I began this series immediately following a long trip through South Asia, influenced by the fragmented remains of so many once-prominent temples. For me, seeing stacks of precious remnants in those sites contributed to a growing dialogue in my work—the accumulation of bits of histories long after they have lost their modernity.

Sanding down failed paintings and building on their remaining surfaces, I took care to work in a way that preserved the painting’s history. Through painted constructions, I reflect both a ghost of memory and a sober nowness. I consider our memory a tentative lexicon— subject to outside influence, both true and untrue. This continues to inform the tendency of these works to be erratic, while uniform, fragmentary, and repetitious.”

MFA, University of Connecticut, 2013. 
California College of the Arts, 2010.
BFA, Kansas City Art Institute, 2009. 

Charolette Street Foundation
Urban Culture Project Studio Residency. 2011

2017, Skipt Antenna.
Haw Contemporary, Kansas City, MO.

2014, One Temporal, One Spacial.
IAC, Indianapolis, IN.

2013, Cosmic Joke.
The Late Show, Kansas City, MO.

2011, It's Not Everything.
Slingluff Gallery, Philadelphia PA

2010, Earth Berth.
The Late Show Gallery, Kansas City MO


2019, Boston Key Party.
Jaws Group, Boston, MA.

2018, Kansas City Flatfile.
H&R Artspace, Kansas City, MO.

2018, Group.
Haw Contemporary, Kansas City, MO.

2017, Beyond Bounds Dazzle.
Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, OP, KS.

2016, Figure It Out.
Steven Zevitas Galley, Boston, MA.

2016, 5.
YM Galley, Hong Kong, HK.

2016, Kansas City Flatfile.
H&R Artspace, Kansas City, MO.

2016, No Picnic.
Apartment Show, Brooklyn, NY.

2016, Scope.
Elizabeth Houston Gallery, Miami, FL.

2015, Champions.
Cremalab, Kansas City, MO.

2015, Seven.
Elizabeth Houston Gallery, New York, NY.

2015, You People.
Haw Contemporary, Kansas City, MO.

2015, Midwest NAP.
Elmhurst Art Museum, Elmhurst, IL.

2014, 9.
Haw Contemporary, Kansas City, MO.

2013, Elisions.
Sideshow, Brooklyn, NY.

2012, Group 3.
101 Exhibit, Miami, FL.

2012, Extraordinary.
Broadstreet Gallery, Hartford, CT.

2011, Beyond Bounds Brilliant.
Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, OP, KS.

2011, Scope. 
101 Exhibit booth, Miami, FL.

2011, Six Pack. 
Spray Booth Gallery, Kansas City, MO.

2009, Beyond Bounds Glow.
Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, OP, KS.

2009, BFA Exhibition. 
H & R Block Artspace, Kansas City MO.
L & K Dodge Building, Kansas City MO.

New American Paintings 125 *Editors Selection,The Pitch 07/16, 365 Artists 365 Days, New American Paintings 113, MW Capacity, Two Coates of Paint, Serial Optimist, The Pitch, Beyond Bounds Brilliant, Booooom, New American Paintings 95, etc.